Monday, February 8, 2016

Hi everyone.
Many years since an update but I think about this game often.
I saved the old win95 pc that is set up just to play CH.
Anyone else still playing it?
I hope to find the time to play a few rounds again soon.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Carnage Holiday Marathon

Ah the holidays have past and now its 2011.
Well, I continued my traditional holiday Carnage Heart Marathon.
I started out with the intention of playing the hard map, no upgrades, and beat my old score.
From Carnage Heart EZ level 1 OKE ranking
My other goal was to build a bOrG180 blaster.

As of this moment, my strategy , oke designs, bOrG killer, are a flop.
I am stuck on trying to penetrate through a bottle neck on the map.
The enemy has upgraded to 4 leg OKEs and now its been a slog fest.
From Carnage Heart Screenshots
The 3 hidden enemy units have popped up at the top of the map and have been dealt with.
Its unlikely I will beat my record this time around.
What I love about this game is the challenge that lays ahead.

So it looks like its time to start with a fresh cpu.

I would like to thank Armased for stopping by and posting the gekko-8 cpu design.
I am a big fan - I have seen your postings on other forums from wayyy back in time.

Also I would like to ask the anonymous poster who is developing the on line version of a CH type game to forward the link to my youtube account - user: "Turbowtie"

OK back to the game. Im going to have to work on a "bottleneck buster" oke.

Monday, April 12, 2010

First attempt at EZ maps.

Over the Easter weekend I had visited some family then returned home at about 3 am . I don't mind night drives. Soon the CH EZ was loaded on the PC and I was ready for an all niter.
I had played the first two planets quite quickly and now on the hardest level on the last map.
My strategy was the same, for the first two maps - no upgrades except ammo when they came available.
With the two styles of oke's ( 180 process point and several under 200 pp ) and a low budget I quickly took the enemy's bases. Soon after the second map I had a budget bigger than Dethlocks concert tour budget. From here on through to the end I maxed out a few factory's so I could produce then form a 180 squad every turn and overwhelm the enemy with more than 2 or 3 180oke's to their 1 . Towards the last couple of maps the enemy has stronger oke's and as such I would have to use two 180 squads to destroy the enemy squad.
Finally the last map, When I first saw the layout I thought....damn this looks hard.
I had to max out all factory's and crank out as many 180 okes every turn. By the 4th turn I had 13 or 14 squads on the map attacking bases. After the first battle against a enemy tank and 2 legged shotgun team vs my cards 26, 27 and 28, I started to design a couple of stronger oke's under 200 pp that where strong in tank killing.

To my surprise I did not need them as I had so many 180okes squads already on the map that the enemy was loosing by shear numbers.
As soon as there was only 1 base left to capture, the BOSS squads ambushes my weakest base and captures it . The heavily armored Boss okes charge into battle aggressively in a tight pack shooting a metal storm of assault ammo. Once my prowler was hit and knocked down the Boss okes finished it in seconds. It took 3 or 4 of my 180 squads to defeat a BOSS squad. Eventually the boss squads ran out of fuel and ammo around the their 3rd consecutive battle and the 180s slowly whittled away at the BOSS armour until they were destroyed..

After completing the game I ran all oke's I created thought the ranking tests and against each other.
The results are interesting and useful for determining what oke design is best for playing the maps.
The boRg was designed to beat other prowler 180s in competition and did not score as good as the general purpose design I created while playing the last map. I'll try the FIREant oke program when I replay the hard maps again.
Here is a slide show of screen shots. Includes the hard map after beating the game, and all the OKE's ranked. I put comments on the photos but to be visible you may have to open the album.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Carnage in Japan

 I was surfing the net recently and discovered a Carnage Heart fan site in Japan.
After running the url through a website translator, I just started to explore another world of Carnage Heart.
From what I could tell, CH and EZ has been popular in Japan since its release. There was an active community that organized tournaments .Artdink sponsored huge tournaments.  Just recently the site had its first canceled tournament because of lack in interest.
I'm hoping to figure a way to contact the CH fan and inform him I would like to participate in future events and introduce them to our community.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BATTLE 180 - OKE compilation save

I have compiled all 180 process point OKE's used for the first competition and a few others onto 1 game save. This will only work on Carnage Heart EZ " vs Battle " mode.
There are 3 saves total . When you find the vs battle Rank competition screen , you will select the oke's from the game saves. These saves have EZ highlighted on the cards that are locked and only playable in a tournament.
You can download the 180 OKE vsBattle.mcr file HERE

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disposible Hero

The 180 process point OKE died an honorable death.

From CH EZ vs battletranslated

But there are many other 180 s ready to continue where their fallen comrades left off.
that are faster, stronger, smarter.

long live the 180

Carnage Heart EZ vs Battle mode - screen captures

I was exploring the VS Battle on CH EZ. 
Some screen shots to check out.
Link to Album

click on slide show

Im trying to consolidate everyone's OKE entrys onto 1 memory card . EZ has this feature, just have to figure it out.